What Acton Teachers Are Reading This Summer

Jun 15th, 2009 by actonmba

What We're Reading: Girl In LibraryIn addition to teaching and running companies, Acton teachers are life-long learners who are constantly looking for opportunities and resources to hone their own business skills.

As a result, Acton teachers are avid readers. Here are some of the books that most influenced them. All of these, and more, are on Acton’s Best Books List:

  • Learning by Doing by Clark Aldrich. Jeff Sandefer, Acton Master Teacher, says: “The most knowledgeable expert in the world when it comes to using sim games in learning, Aldrich is sought after from every organization from Disney to the CIA and the Special Forces. This book explains why curriculums like Acton’s may disrupt education for the better.”
  • Scenarios: The Art of Strategic Conversation by Kees van der Heijden. Ed Perry, Acton Master Teacher, notes that it is “the best book I have found on how to develop strategic plans for organizations.
  • What Management Is: How it Works and Why It’s Everyone’s Business by Joan Magretta. Steven Tomlinson, Acton Master Teacher, recommends this book because it “boils business down to the bare essentials–how you manage products and services, prices and people to create value and make money. It’s hard to imagine a more readable, more concise introduction to business.”
  • Socratic Selling by Kevin R. Daley. Jeff Connally, Acton Teacher, distills the book’s main lesson: “Ask, don’t tell.”
  • The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelley and Jonathan Littman. Jeff Sandefer suggests you read this book because it’s “a great book by IDEO, the world’s leading design firm, that teaches how to create great products and services by listening to your customer and ‘prototyping’.”

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