94% of Our Graduates are Employed
So You want to Be an Entrepreneur?

About Acton

Successful entrepreneurs bringing their life experiences from today into the classroom.

Time—entrepreneurs don’t insult each other by wasting it. When it comes to entrepreneurship, education can be hit or miss. That’s why Acton teachers—all of them successful entrepreneurs—focus on what works in the real world, so that you can attend a business school for entrepreneurs, then go and start leaving your mark ASAP.

Why does Acton work this way? Because it was built by entrepreneurs who’ve been where you are: impatient with know-nothing bosses, fed up with arbitrary boundaries, driven to break out of systems that don’t work, and obsessed with creating ones that do.

There hasn’t always been a business school in Austin for entrepreneurs like you, a place where you can learn from real-world challenges—without any of the extra, academic theory that entrepreneurs don’t have time for. Now there is.

Do you belong here? If so, come and prove yourself to master entrepreneurs, learn how to build businesses that change the world, and get in on the ground floor of one of the best business schools in Texas and the world. Get an entrepreneurial education.

And leave the rat race to the rats.

We Take This Stuff Seriously

At Acton, you will find our Mission and Beliefs carved in the walls around campus.

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We Do Things Differently.

From the entrepreneur teachers to the challenging, hands-on curriculum, Acton sets you up to learn the skills you need.

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It Takes One To Make One

Only entrepreneurs themselves would have the radical idea of creating a curriculum and a school to train the next generation of business builders.

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