There’s business school and then there’s
starting-a-business school.


Our entrepreneur-founders disrupted the status quo when they left traditional academia to start a revolution in entrepreneurial education. But why break from the ranks? Because leaders like you deserve better.

So in 2002, after years of hearing young entrepreneurs say that their schooling hadn’t adequately prepared them for the practical realities of business, our founders left teaching roles at prestigious business schools to create a new kind of educational experience solely dedicated to equipping the next generation of business builders.

Two years after its founding, Acton graduated its first class of entrepreneurs.

In the ten years since, Acton alumni have gone on to grow wildly successful companies, while investing in their communities and cultivating loving families.

Hear directly from a few of our alumni about the role Acton played in their entrepreneurial journey and learn more about our award-winning programs.


The school was named in honor of Lord Acton, a 19th century scholar whose dedication to the advancement of liberty remains the heart and soul of entrepreneurship today.

He saw liberty not as a license to do what he pleased, but as the freedom to do what was right – a guiding principle that continues to inspire Acton scholars and alumni.

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