"Acton inspires this sort of loyalty because of its relentless focus on a single goal: educating aspiring entrepreneurs." - Forbes


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Startup School: An MBA Designed For Entrepreneurs, Not I-Bankers

“At 27 Calvin Hunt finally stumbled across his first great opportunity. The Atlanta native and lifelong fishing fanatic had graduated from Florida State in 2008 directly into the teeth of the Great Recession. A shot at a dream job in the corporate headquarters of Hatteras Yachts in North Carolina vaporized as the tanking economy swiftly decimated the luxury–boat business…

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Princeton Review’s 2017 Most Competitive Students & Best Administered Program

An MBA is just a piece of paper unless you do something with it.

At Acton, we equip students for the extraordinary adventure of entrepreneurship. Preparation, purpose and tenacity are in the hearts of our graduates. That’s why we’re thrilled The Princeton Review has recognized our MBAs as the #1 Most Competitive Students for the fifth consecutive year .

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Acton School of Business Launches Online Courses

Acton School of Business is going global.

The Austin school is launching an online training platform that officials hope will give students everywhere access to its curriculum. Acton is posting MBA-level training courses on a new platform it’s calling Acton On Demand…

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Acton School of Business Launches Web-Based Entrepreneurial Training Platform

The Acton School of Business, located in Austin Texas, is launching a web-based entrepreneurial training platform called Acton On Demand. Think of it as “CodeAcademy for a contrarian entrepreneurship education.”

The Acton School of Business was founded in 2002 founded by Jeff Sandefer, an entrepreneur and teacher at the University of Texas and two of his colleagues, Phil Siegel, Vaughn Brock, and Jack Long. They wanted to create a different kind of business school–one that focused more on the practicalities of entrepreneurship rather than th.e theoretical principles that are taught in most MBA programs around the country…

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Acton MBA on FOX News

Jeff Sandefer, co-founder of the Acton School of Business, and Manny Menard, Alumnus from the Class of 2005, are interviewed by Gretchen Carlson on the Fox News Channel about Acton’s 100-hour a week 1-year MBA program. They discuss the real world simulations and weekly teacher evaluations that set Acton apart from any other MBA program in the country.



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Sales – Hard-knock life

Cory Older, an M.B.A. student at the Acton School of Business in Austin, steeled himself as he prepared to knock on yet another stranger’s door–the 100th he had hit in two days. Frankly, he wasn’t proving very good at selling dictionaries, but he had to make quota to stay in school.

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Jeff Sandefer is Reinventing the MBA

Back to the Drawing Board Jeff Sandefer is reinventing the MBA “I was working in the oilfield, earning minimum wage, watching my co-workers give minimal effort,” recalls Jeff Sandefer. It was 1977, and the summer heat in west Texas was brutal. “My co-workers spent more time goofing off than working.” But the oil field…

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