Our teachers have started 42 businesses
worth more than $4.5 billion.


When Acton teachers arrive at campus, they bring with them lessons from the real trials, tribulations and triumphs of the business world. Our teachers aren’t theory-driven academics. They’re successful entrepreneurs who started small. Through trial, error and perseverance, they have grown their businesses into a combined $4.5 billion counting.

This is entrepreneurship education by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

And they care deeply about what they do. Our teachers tell us that, outside of their families, Acton students are their number-one priority. Every day, they bring their all to the classroom. Why? Because they take your success seriously. So much so, they’ve put their own time and resources on the line for it.

Each Acton instructor is dedicated to preparing Acton alumni to pursue their calling and experience long, prosperous and purposeful lives.

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