Ready to leave the rat race to the rats?

You’ve met plenty of people in your life who make excuses. People who feel like a string of letters behind their names entitle them to something. People who couldn’t recognize a no-brainer opportunity or a clear path to the top if it punched them square in the jaw.

You’re not one of them. And that’s why you’re here, now.

If you’ve done your due diligence and have explored Acton’s program, you know it’s packed with the entrepreneurial challenges you need to transform the way you think and act. If you’ve read up on Acton’s teachers and graduates, you know that by coming here you’re proving yourself to an elite group of individuals that change the world. And if you’ve seen how Acton’s different, you know that this is where the restless come to build their futures.

You’ve got the courage to build a life on your own terms. You’re fed up with boundaries. You know that if you wait any longer to start mastering your own destiny, you’ll regret it.

So don’t wait.


What now?

  • Attend an information session and request a class visit. Tell us a bit about yourself, and we’ll invite you to come and observe Acton students and teachers in action.
  • Apply. Fill out the online application—but only if you’re gut tells you you’d be crazy not to. (After you visit a class, it will.)


Requirements to apply:

  • A Bachelor’s degree and a record of academic achievement (as evidenced by GPA).
  • An aptitude for graduate study (indicated by an exceptional GMAT score or as proven through a series of brief online diagnostics administered by our admissions team).
  • Applicants have the option of using a GMAT score or the online series of diagnostics to satisfy their application requirement.
  • A history of positions of leadership and involvement in extracurricular activities.
  • A fluency in English. If you’re educated at the college level in a language other than English, you must show a fluency in English by scoring a minimum of 109 on the Internet-based TOEFL.