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8 Essential Books Every Business Student Should Have on Their Summer Reading List

July 24, 2015

July 24, 2015 – Robin Weekley Bruce, CEO of The Acton School of Business, published the following summer reading list on Medium today. — At this time of year, as our recent graduates leave to start their next big thing and a new wave of students prepare for the coming year, I’m commonly asked for

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How To Determine the ROI for Entrepreneurial Education

July 16, 2015

Robin Weekley Bruce, CEO of The Acton School of Business, published a post on Forbes last week to help aspiring and active entrepreneurs determine if pursuing an MBA is worth it. — Each year, I have conversations with hundreds of aspiring and active entrepreneurs and the question I hear over and over is: Is it

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Are You an Entrepreneur or Self-Employed? What’s the Difference?

January 14, 2015

Throughout the U.S., you will find more than 3 million small business owners. They are their own bosses, experts in their fields, and important members of their communities. Most of them even started their own business, or took it over from a family member. But they are not all entrepreneurs. Are You an Entrepreneur or

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Announcing: Acton Edge – Next Level Leadership Development

December 19, 2014

Acton Edge – Next Level Leadership Development Embody the tools, skills and habits to propel you and your company forward. Don’t have time for our intensive MBA program? Acton Edge provides you with the practices to take your business to the next level by introducing you to the techniques, patterns and questions that will accelerate your

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The Call of the Entrepreneur

December 9, 2014

Robin Weekley Bruce, CEO of Acton School of Business, published a post on Medium last week, detailing the pattern that she’s seen among the most successful business leaders. — The mission of the entrepreneur is for very few. Crafting a vision to which others can cling and piloting that vision through the turbulence and chaos

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So You Want to Make Money? Let’s Talk about Working Capital

December 2, 2014

There are a lot of things that can make or break your business. Working capital is no exception. Done well, it can push your business to the top. Done badly . . . well, you know what can happen. Think of it as a dance. You want to be the person moving with graceful, knowing

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Princeton Review Names Acton for “Most Competitive Students in the US” for Seventh Year Running

November 19, 2014

The Princeton Review ranks Acton students as the “most competitive MBA students in the US” for the seventh time in their 2015 results. According to The Princeton Review, the most competitive student category is “based on student assessment of how competitive classmates are, how heavy the workload is, and the perceived academic pressure.” What Does

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Acton in Action: Walking in the Customers’ Shoes at SchoolAdmin

October 7, 2014

If you’ve spent much time in an Acton classroom, reading Acton materials, or talking to Acton grads, then the phrase “Walk in your customers’ shoes” should be a familiar refrain. But far from being a cliché or something that sounds like a nice idea, this specific practice is a fundamental component to success. Acton students

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Acton in Action: Jon Gray’s Entrepreneurial Journey With HomeAway

Opportunity to IPO and Beyond Shortly after graduating from Acton, Jon Gray (’04) began working with the two entrepreneurs who would found HomeAway (NASDAQ: AWAY), now the worldwide leader in online vacation rentals. Jon helped complete the initial analysis that supported and directed the endeavor and was invited to join the newly formed company as

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Make the Right Investment for Your Future

The right investments lead to life-changing opportunities. If it’s an investment worth making, you’ll recognize right away that it’s going to turn your dreams into reality. When it comes to earning your MBA, return on investment is key. Making the time commitment to pursue an MBA often means sidelining the security of a full-time salary.

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