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So You Want to Make Money? Let’s Talk about Working Capital

December 2, 2014

There are a lot of things that can make or break your business. Working capital is no exception. Done well, it can push your business to the top. Done badly . . . well, you know what can happen. Think of it as a dance. You want to be the person moving with graceful, knowing

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Acton in Action: Walking in the Customers’ Shoes at SchoolAdmin

October 7, 2014

If you’ve spent much time in an Acton classroom, reading Acton materials, or talking to Acton grads, then the phrase “Walk in your customers’ shoes” should be a familiar refrain. But far from being a cliché or something that sounds like a nice idea, this specific practice is a fundamental component to success. Acton students

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Acton in Action: Jon Gray’s Entrepreneurial Journey With HomeAway

Opportunity to IPO and Beyond Shortly after graduating from Acton, Jon Gray (’04) began working with the two entrepreneurs who would found HomeAway (NASDAQ: AWAY), now the worldwide leader in online vacation rentals. Jon helped complete the initial analysis that supported and directed the endeavor and was invited to join the newly formed company as

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Make the Right Investment for Your Future

The right investments lead to life-changing opportunities. If it’s an investment worth making, you’ll recognize right away that it’s going to turn your dreams into reality. When it comes to earning your MBA, return on investment is key. Making the time commitment to pursue an MBA often means sidelining the security of a full-time salary.

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How To Fix Business Schools

In response to a recent debate on the Harvard Business Review website about how traditional MBA programs contributed to current economic crisis, Master Teacher Jeff Sandefer had the following comments: Most business schools don’t care much about students or their journeys through life. Until this changes, ancillary efforts like reforming curriculum or adding ethics courses

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Acton Answers: Why the Socratic Method?

The Socratic Method is a highly effective tool used in the Acton classroom. Boring lecture halls, faces plastered to computer screens, professors rambling on, we’ve all been there. While you might learn a few facts you can recite on request from classrooms like this, the reality is that you’re unlikely to learn anything that would

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Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?

This may be one of the most debated entrepreneurial questions out there, with a lot of varying opinions. Its answer is at the heart of our programs at Acton. While some suggest that entrepreneurship can only emerge from innate character traits, others (ourselves included) know that the habits and skills for successful entrepreneurship can be

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Acton Answers: Why Pre-Matriculation?

As you might already know, Acton is a 1-year accelerated MBA program. But did you know that the first semester of the program is online? Our unique practice of pre-matriculation offers students a host of benefits that they might not get in the classroom. Pre-Mat prepares students for Acton’s 100 hr work weeks. In many

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Alumni Voices: Real Estate Careers After Acton

If you get a group of successful entrepreneurs together, odds are that almost all of them have at least a passing interest in real estate. Whether they’re investors, developers, builders, marketers, or other service providers, just about every facet of this broad, asset-focused industry has a strong entrepreneurial bent to it. At Acton, many of

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If Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness, What Does?

February 12, 2010

I recently read an article in the Daily Telegraph about an Austrian man, Karl Rabeder, who made millions in the interior furnishings and accessories business and is now giving it all away. He’s moving out of his luxury Alpine villa (complete with lake, sauna, and beautiful views) to live in a small, wooden hut in

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