What is Acton?

Hundreds of Real Life
Challenges, Zero Fluff

You want to be a big player in business - and that means you need a curriculum built by big players. A curriculum that'll throw you squarely in the middle of entrepreneurial battle, force you to make tough decisions on the fly, and compel you to prove you've got the character it takes to make life-or-death decisions regarding your business.

Acton is consistently ranked by Princeton Review as one of the top MBA programs in the country.

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Why Acton?

Built and Tested By
successful entrepreneurs

Our teachers are proven entrepreneurs - $4.5 billion made, 42 businesses launched, over 200 years of combined entrepreneurial experience. When Acton teachers step onto campus each day, they come from the real world. From the shop floor. From the sales room. From long nights juggling customer needs and operational complexities and wrestling with the same questions Acton students are asking themselves every day.

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Who is Acton?

Join the folks who are
Changing the world now

Acton scholars are spread across the country and the world, making intentional decisions and small experiments that grow to have huge impacts on their lives and their businesses. In short, they're out there doing it.

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