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Ever feel like a misfit? So did many of the world’s leading entrepreneurs. When it comes to equipping people like you, most programs miss the point. That’s why Acton teachers—all of them successful, working entrepreneurs—focus on what works in the real world, so you can start leaving your mark ASAP.

Is our program the next step in your journey?

Come to Acton for an experience that breaks out of the structure, routine and theories offered by others. An experience that brings you into a community of exceptional leaders making an extraordinary impact on the world. That’s what you’ll find at Acton and in less than half the time and cost of a traditional MBA program.

We work with:

      • Bright, talented and driven individuals
      • Dedicated and successful entrepreneurs who are proven in the boardroom and outstanding in the classroom
      • Real-world cases, which participants analyze, argue and discuss throughout each 120-minute class session
      • Experiential learning and simulations, including door-to-door sales, assembly line construction and other immersive learning techniques

So that our graduates are prepared to:

      • Listen, question, analyze and persuade like a master entrepreneur
      • Deploy the tools and judgment to run a thriving business
      • Identify their calling
      • Run a successful business, raise a loving family and contribute to their communities and the world in a powerful way

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