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The Acton MBA

A degree in freedom.

You’re a self-starter. You’re consumed by big ideas day and night. You’re fueled by a competitive drive to build something successful. You have a clear vision of the impact you’d like to make in the world. You want to be a big player in business—and that means when it comes to accelerating your entrepreneurial journey, you need a program built by those who have been there before.

Go beyond the MBA with Acton’s groundbreaking curriculum that’ll throw you squarely in the middle of entrepreneurial battle, force you to make tough decisions on the fly, and compel you to prove you’ve got the character to make life-or-death decisions regarding your business.

Come to Acton for an experience that breaks out of the structure, routine and theories offered by others. An experience that brings you into a community of exceptional leaders making an extraordinary impact on the world. That’s what you’ll find at Acton and in less than half the time and cost of a traditional MBA.

Our blended learning program allows you to spend your first semester continuing to work and run your business, while taking you out of the market for just five short months during the on campus portion of the program.

Your peers will be some of the smartest, most steadfast, and most fiercely determined people you’ll ever meet. Your entrepreneur-teachers will ask you questions no one’s ever dared and push you to your very limit. And when you graduate, you’ll leave transformed.

What you can expect:

Individual Preparation

Acton’s entrepreneurship classes are focused on cases, each of which requires hours of individual concentration and preparation beforehand. Plan on devoting between five and eight hours of study to analyzing each case in depth. Any less and you’ll be left behind.

Study Groups

Study Groups are like prototypes for class. You’ll arrive at Study Group each morning fully prepared to stand in the shoes of the case’s entrepreneur. Your group will choose a peer to open the case, and for over an hour you’ll describe and defend your positions with them. If you haven’t prepared, it’ll show.


Classes begin with a “cold call,” a challenging question the teacher poses to a single student to open the case. What comes next is eighty furious minutes of analysis, argument, and fervent persuasion. Individual contribution is critical.

Your Typical Weekly Workload

Each week at Acton is intense and action-packed, delivering more than a traditional MBA program in less than half the time. Be prepared to work 20-25 hours a week in the first distance-learning semester and  between 80 and 100 hours a week when you’re on campus during the second semester.

Learn more about our  innovative curriculum and check out Frequently Asked Questions about our MBA.

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