“I’ve been fortunate in my life to have had excellent teachers and coaches that pushed and inspired me to do my best.”

Bill Jones

Master Teacher


  • Co-founded and managed Queensland Energy Resources and Shale Tech International
  • Former Vice President of Energy Development with Ziff Brothers Investments; Principal with Sandefer Capital Partners; Venture Consultant at Austin Ventures
  • MBA from The University of Texas; B.S. Geosciences, University of Arizona

Bill Jones has had broad experience in oil and gas and engineering–based companies, most recently with the founding of Queensland Energy Resources, an Australian energy company, and Shale Tech International, a U.S.-based technology company. Bill’s experience in energy-related businesses started on the “shop floor” (or drilling rig floor in this case), to the management office, to financing and commodity risk management, to overseeing and managing the acquisition of hundreds of millions of dollars of energy assets and building a company from the ground up to develop those assets.

Entrepreneurship runs in Bill’s family, so starting up and running new businesses is nothing new. “I come from a hardworking family of entrepreneurs out in West Texas, starting with my grandfather and his oil and gas business, my parents with various successful businesses, and now my brother with his energy business. As far back as I can remember we were starting up and running new businesses.” Teaching became a passion for Bill after learning from and working under several successful entrepreneurs.

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