"The toughest part of business is pursuing what is true rather than what you hope is true."

Chris Coggin



  • VP, Thelese Management, a global portfolio of companies, direct investments and projects
  • Principal in numerous real estate development projects and transactions in the US and abroad
  • Partner, Emerus Capital, a Global asset advisory group who advises high net worth clients around the world
  • MBA, Acton; BS Abilene Christian University

Chris graduated from Acton in 2011 and took management position with Thelese Management. He co-founded Emerus Capital in late 2011 and now oversees the company’s real estate opportunities and transactions. He invests and participates in many real estate and businesses around Texas.

He calls his motivation for teaching more “selfish” than other teachers. “I get to participate in a discussion with a group of incredibly smart folks who are systematically solving very complex problems. I walk out of most classes with something I can apply to my own business.” He has seen the accelerated learning of the Socratic method first hand and believes it is the most effective method of learning.

Chris and his wife, Elena live in Austin and have three children, Sam, Lincoln and Jane.


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