“Real businesses are built one customer and one dollar at a time.”

Jack Long

Founder, Master Teacher


  • Former Chairman and Co-founder of Lone Star Overnight and PeopleAdmin, Inc.
  • Current Chairman and Co-Founder of SchoolAdmin, alongside Acton alum, Nate Little
  • A top-ranked entrepreneurship teacher for the Acton MBA and formerly for the University of Texas
  • MBA, Vanderbilt University; B.S. University of Richmond

Entrepreneur-teacher Jack Long knows the secrets to building real businesses. His trial-and-error approach to customers and cash flow began in childhood. “As early as seventh grade, I couldn’t resist thinking about enterprising ways to make money. When I was ten, I spent an entire summer drawing up detailed plans for a small airport on an island in the Tennessee River near our home. How many planes could it accommodate? How much fuel would they buy? Was the runway long enough? How much does an island cost? Who owns the island anyway? These childhood dreams became the foundation of my approach to starting a business. The bottom line is that real businesses are built one customer and one dollar at a time.” As a teacher in the Acton MBA program, Jack insists students take their case work seriously. “Letting an unprepared student graduate would be like sending someone incompetent to perform heart surgery. Launching and running a business is a serious responsibility. You have lots of people counting on you . . . investors, employees, customers, your own family. I’ve got a reputation for being awfully tough on them in the classroom, but my students thank me for it later.”

Jack Long is currently Chairman and Co-founder of SchoolAdmin, a company founded alongside Acton alum, Nate Little. SchoolAdmin is a software company that produces web-based administrative systems for K-12 independent and charter schools—more than 130 in all. Long is past Chairman and Co-Founder of PeopleAdmin, Inc. and Lone Star Overnight, L.P., both recognized in Inc. magazine’s Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing privately-held businesses. In 1994, he was named an Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. Long serves on the board of directors of Blue Avocado Company and Greenling, Inc. His nonprofit work includes serving on the boards of the Texas chapter of The Nature Conservancy, the Pilatus Owners and Pilots Association and the Board of Visitors of Vanderbilt University’s Owen School of Business. He is a past trustee and finance chair of St. Stephen’s Episcopal School. Long and his wife Carolyn have chaired the Pomona College Parent’s Council for the last three years.

Long and his wife make their home in Austin, TX and have two adult children, Adam Long and Carlen Long.


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