Ted W. Beasley



  • Co-founder, Gateway Church
  • Start-up Entrepreneur in the United States, Eastern Europe, and Australia
  • Strategic and financial consultant for emerging and senior leaders in corporate America
  • MBA from The University of Texas

Ted has coached hundreds of emerging and senior leaders in the corporate, entertainment, media, non-profit, and government arenas. As a consultant, he has brought strategic and financial expertise to small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. As an entrepreneur, Ted has launched ventures in the U.S., Eastern Europe, and Australia. In addition to his business pursuits, Ted has founded Gateway Church, an innovative congregation of over 3,500 attendees in Austin, TX.

Colleagues and family members of Ted’s clients often positively remark to them, “You’ve changed. What’s going in your life?” Ted is proficient at helping clients engage in relationships, practices, and skill development that lead to transformation. His listening, sense-making, and insights assist high-capacity leaders to escape paralysis in the face of complex personal and business challenges. He brings this special talent to Acton’s Life of Meaning course.

When he’s not teaching at Acton, Ted enjoys writing, filmmaking, and outdoor sports. You can also catch him doing some stand-up comedy to blow off steam.

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