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Learn the skills to start, build, and run a successful business.

The Acton program begins with a blended learning experience during the Pre-Matriculation phase of our program. During this initial four-month period, you’ll engage in a series of interactive online courses – including cash and valuation, operations, customers and discovery – to prepare you with a strong foundation to take into the pit on day one of the in-class semester of the program.

Students typically spend about 20-25 hours per week with the material during Pre-Matriculation. The classroom portion of the program begins the next semester and takes place on campus in Austin, TX.

During this intensive second semester, students find themselves working approximately 80-100 hours per week. With only five months of the program required in residence, students often continue working during the first semester, relocating to Austin only for the second and final semester.

Here’s how your time as an Acton MBA student is spent:

Sample First Semester


Sample Second Semester


Sample Week during Second Semester


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