The right investments lead
to life-changing opportunities.


How large of an investment are you willing to make for your future?

When it comes to earning your MBA, return on investment is key. If it’s an investment worth making, you’ll recognize right away that it’s going to turn your dreams into reality.

Making the time commitment to pursue an MBA often means sidelining the security of a full-time salary. If it’s the right MBA program, the tuition will be a small price to pay—especially once the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired get tested in the real-world and you wind up saving years and dollars on the path to success.


Tuition is $49,500 for the entire program and includes all fees and course materials. When developing a budget, be sure to consider—in addition to tuition—the cost of housing, utilities, food, personal insurance, and a laptop computer (required).

Financial Aid

Acton students may choose to secure student loans through private lending institutions found on the website of Hardin-Simmons University, Acton’s accreditation partner.

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